Thursday, October 3, 2013

Babaji Ka Thullu Special From Comedy Nights With Kapil

India's most loving, most seen comedy show has emerged so far so fast. "Comedy Nights With Kapil". People love to watch it for great entertainment, here are some images based on the funny term used in it "Babaji Ka Thullu", you would love to read them:

You get babaji ka thullu even from friends :P

babaji ka thullu Images

What the babaji ka thullu:

Aarohi and Aditya Roy Kapoor

Now girlfriends don't ask "tere mere beech me kya he"

Funny Kapil Babaji Ka thullu jokes

I am scared with this thullu:

If this punch line had been existed that time, the dialogues would have been replaced with this:

babaji ka thullu Amitabh and shashi kapoor

 Now just keep calm and say.. yeah you got it right: 

keep calm and say babaji ka thullu