Friday, October 4, 2013

Latest Babaji Ka Thullu Funny Tweets or Status

Kapil & Justin Gayhoon
Check out some new in trend Baba Ji Ka Thullu Tweets or one liner status. These statuses will surely make you laugh hard so share them with your friends on Facebook or Twitter and make them go rofl:

JustinB-kapil m lrning hindi Kapil-aisa chal bata wheat ko hindi me kya bolenge JustinB-Gayhoon Kapil-Babaji ka thullu hum ko to pata hi tha

For ppl who wanted to understand what's babaji ka thullu, pls see 24...... Tragedy nights with Anil.

30th - Salary 1st - Rent 2nd - Electricity and Water Bill 3rd - Maintenance Bill 4th - Credit Card Bill 5th - Bacha kya? Babaji Ka THULLU!

Leaving a blank copy in mid-sems could be an engineer's way of saying Babaji Ka Thullu to the professor. :D

What do you mean by 'Babaji Ka Thullu' ? PS: Explain in your own words :D

Right to Reject button on electronic voting machines will be named as- 'Babaji ka Thullu'

I went with 50 rupees in my pocket to buy some fruits, came back with Babaji ka thullu!

MMS: I think our country is better than yours Obama: BABAJI KA THULLU!!!!

A 4th standard kid asked me, "Ma'am, what is Babaji ka thullu?" What should have been my reply?