Monday, October 7, 2013

Laugh Hard With Funny Images and Quotes

Laughing at these won't hurt anybody and when they are meant to laugh, laugh as hard as you can with read quotes of the day:

Time changed so much:

Girls broke with bf

Kapil to his servant in comedy nights about his wife:

Kapil husband wife image joke

She has a boyfriend, so? Soccer has a goalie, doesn't mean you can't score. At least give it a try, have guts:

have guts lol Image

What an insult, I mean she looks beautiful doesn't she?? lol

Rofl images

WTF, is the guy making his phone hotspot with an open network, I will follow him. Wait is he expecting some girl to follow:

ha ha ha image lol

Jab koi bat bigad jaye, jab koi mushkil aa jaye to kya karenge... hawan karenge hawan karenge :p:

lol images Quotes