Thursday, March 13, 2014

I Just Saved the World See the Eighth Wonder

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Eighth Wonder of the World:: Have you seen a dog with a straight tail, I know you haven't that's why it's called eighth wonder of the world.

Dog Funny Pic

Save the World Funny Pic:: Even you can save the world named file.

Whatsapp funny Pics

Funny Women Pictures:: Women are known for taking photos and there is no time they are without makeup so they are just a click away to take photos.

Hilarious Facebook Pictures

Funny Human Being Quotes Pic:: The biggest mistake by most human beings: Listening half, Understanding quarter, Telling double. 

Pictures biggest mistake by most human beings

Bill Gates Quotes:: Bill Gates says that I am not a university topper but today all university toppers are my employees. Is this a motivation or students are getting demotivated through this. Read more quotes by Bill Gates.

Funny Kid Reply to Bill Gates