Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Latest Whatsapp Joke Pictures and Funny Trendy Pics

Whatsapp has been a great source of all the latest trending funny pictures. People just always make me laugh through Whatsapp joke images. Here are some latest funny pics worth sharing to your friends.

Whatsapp Joke Pic::

Boy: Hi, I just heard you failed in English?

Girl: Who telled you? It is unpossible. 

i sawed the result yesterday. i passed away ..!!

Boy: Ok Bye

Girl: Bye Bye… God Blast u..!!!!

Boy Girl Social Media Joke

Funny Latest Facebook Robbery Image::

Give me your money,
you know I'm a politician,
Then give me MY MONEY

Facebook funny Joke Pic

Funny Joke Pic:: Don't ever argue with your wife.

Social Media Fancy Dress Joke Pic

Sarcasm pic:: Thanks to Ranveer Singh's Tattad Tattad dance.

Was having a tough time removing colours from my hair but thanks to Ranveer Singh, did Tattad step for 5 minutes and it all vanished..

Whatsapp Funny Ranveer Singh Tattad Tattad