Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Social Media Joke Images For Sharing Laughter

Joke image is the best and easy way to interact with your social media friends. Sharing these funny joke written images is the best way to keep yourself active on different social media sites and different messengers like Whatsapp and Line.

How I actually Look Images:: I How I think I look when I run, how I actually look.

Funny Whatsapp Images

Funny Images:: When I take a picture of somebody, when I ask somebody to take a picture of me. These are totally different scenario..

when I take a picture of somebody...

Facebook Funny Images:: We all have that one friend who uploads a picture and later on ask you to like it.

We all have that one friend who uploads a picture

Son and Father Hindi Joke Pic::

Honhaar beta V/s nalayak beta :

Papa: aage kya karna hai???

Honhaar beta: Bus 10th me 98 percent aa jaye fir 2 sal ki mehnat & "IIT"

& then 1 saal ki mehnat fir "IIM"

then 20 lakh ka package kafi hoga shuruaat k liye....

Nalayak beta: Bas is bar 10th ho jaye...

Fir roadies me se bike jeet k aaunga.

Splitsvilla se aapki bahu launga..

Fir emotional atayachar se use certified karwaunga :P

Acchi rahi to thik nahi to process repeat :P :D ;-)

Whatsapp Jokes and Images