Saturday, April 19, 2014

Dedicated to All the Wonderful Women in Your Life

A Woman is a mother, a woman is a sister, a woman is a wife. You can't ignore a woman in your life. A woman makes you develop respect for other people. Women are the reason people get born, women are the reason this world is in a proper balance. So this following image quote is dedicated to all the wonderful women in your life::

Salute to all the women of the world::

Quotes on Women::


You can feel her INNOCENCE in the form of a daughter.
You can feel her CARE in the form of a sister.
You can feel her WARMTH in the form of a friend.
You can feel her PASSION in the form of a beloved.
You can feel her DEDICATION in the form of a wife.
You can feel her DIVINITY in the form of a mother.
You can feel her BLESSING in the form of a grandmother. Yet she is so TOUGH too…
Her heart is so TENDER, So NAUGHTY, So CHARMING, So SHARING, So MELODIOUS, She is a WOMAN.. And she is life!!!

To all the wonderful women, hope you won’t forget how special you are!

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