Friday, April 25, 2014

So You Understand Women Read This Message

Some people believe that they understand females, I also used to think that till I read this complicated message. This message is about women which made it complicated. These funny yet true facts about women are worth to share with your female friends. Share it to your Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin friends and enjoy their funny comments.

Whatsapp Facts Message about Women:: This is for all our female friends. Seven complicated facts about Women:

1. They believe in saving.
2. Believe in saving but buy expensive clothes.
3. Buy expensive clothes but never have anything to wear.
4. Never have anything to wear, but always dressed beautifully.
5. Always dressed beautifully, but never satisfied.
6. Never satisfied, but still expect men to compliment them.
7. Expect men to compliment, but don't believe them if complimented.

Extremely Complicated!!!!! Isn't it??