Saturday, May 31, 2014

Girls Versus Society Social Awareness Message

Society does not let you do what you want to do. Even though if it's completely legal and creative but it's different. Here is a must read message on Society vs. girl and what girls have to face in society::

#Society vs. Girl::
Society: Are you under 100 lbs?
Girl: No, but i'm happy.
Society:  Is your hair down to your butt?
Girl: no, but i'm happy.
Society: Do you have huge boobs?
Girl: no, but....
Society:  Do you have a perfect smile?
Girl: no, but....
Society: Do you have a flawless face?
Girl: no.
Society: Do you realize how ugly you are?
Society: Do you realize how no one wants you?
Society: Do you realize you're stupid?
Society: Where did you go? 
Society: Have you committed suicide?
Society: OMG, no, she was so beautiful, and special, and loved, she will be missed so much, society is so ugly, why did she have to go?

Society: Are you under 100 lbs?