Thursday, August 7, 2014

If You Push a Boy Away Quote - Life is No Movie

There is a huge difference in movies and in real life. In movies mostly hero gets heroine but in reality there are a lot of complications when a boy approaches a girl or a girl approaches a boy. Here is a quote which shows you some reality.

#Reality Check of Love::

If you push a boy away, he's not going to come after you. He’s going to find a girl that “appreciates” him. If you act all damaged, he's going to find a "normal" girl. If you move away from him, he isn't going to grab you, hug you tight and make you kiss him. He's going to think you're not into him. This isn't a movie. That stuff doesn't happen in real life. Learn how to deal with boys in reality before they find another girl who will.

Life is no movie; the faster you understand it the better it is for you. Bollywood movies are the worst movies when it comes to love lessons because in them hero always gets heroine no matter what.