Saturday, August 2, 2014

ReadQuotes Wishing You A Very Happy Friendship Day Friends

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You and I are friends!!!
You smile, I smile!!!
You laugh, I laugh!!!
You cry, I cry!!!
You hurt, I hurt!!!
You jump off a bridge, I am going to miss you;)

A friend is one who
Sees your first drop of tear...
Catches the second...
Stops the third...
and turns the fourth into a Smile.
____________________Happy friendship day friends____________________

Our Friendship Has All Elements Of These Pairs (To all my Buddies)
Batman -Robin
Raj - Howard
Ted - Barney
Jay - Viru
Modi - Amit shah
Harry Potter - Hermione and Ron
Shahrukh - Karan
Jon snow - Sam
Mogli - Baghira
Krishna - Sudama
____________________Hᴀᴘᴘʏ FʀɪᴇɴᴅSʜɪᴘ Dᴀʏ____________________

To All my frnz
Tumse hi Dosti, Tumhara hi Intezar, Tumhare bina Dil rehta hai Bekarar, tumhari yeh Saadgi, Tumhara yeh Pyar, Jeevan bhar na bhool payenge is Dosti ko Yaar...
____________________:(HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY:)____________________

The Friend can Transform Bad Moments into Good Memories and Good Moments into Unforgettable memories..!!!!
Thanks 2 all friends 4 making My Life so Beautiful and Colorful...!!
_________Love Never Lost #MissYouAllFriends..!!!_______

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