Saturday, September 13, 2014

Things You Should Have Learnt Till Mid-Twenties

So I am in my mid-twenties and till now these are the things I have learnt-

  • You can not take money for granted anymore. It is hard to earn.
  • Your huge friend circle will not remain huge anymore. You will remain in contact with very few of them.
  • Family is very important. Till now they supported you, now it's your turn.
  • You will not have as much hair as you had few years back.
  • Junk food is really junk.  You are what you eat.
  • Home cooked food is the best.
  • Losing fat is exponentially harder than gaining it because of your slowing metabolism.
  • You cannot trust people easily. Your past love/ relationships will give you nothing. Forget them.
  • People will leave you. Learn to move on.
  • Laziness will have to be paid later.
  • You will not always be appreciated for your hard work.
  • You should have a career in a field which you like, not a field which pays more.