Thursday, September 18, 2014

Why I am Afraid of Love Quote Message Latest

Yes I fear Love; If love fills me up and overflows then I'd overcome fear and just start giving.

I'm afraid of love because 

1. What if I can't fulfil the needs of the loved one.
2. If I hurt her with my attitude and she might hate me more.
3. If I'm not cared and loved as much as I love her; love is always unequal.
4. If she doesn't like me; She'd leave me forever.
5. I may loose my family & closed ones concentrating on love.
6. If she's too demanding.
7. Love hurts every now and then.
8. I'll not be Single again; Freedom sacrifice uh-uh.
9. Too many commitments.
10. I might lose Me in Me, The original copyright.
11. I must give up few of my habits, Oh shit.
12. Fights, Ahhh!!!
13. I'd have no time for Friends. Friends would regret me.
14. Its obvious that I'd lose peace of mind.
15. Stirring past; I should tell all of my secrets, Huh :(
16. Can't be Lazy again.
17. If she's not the right choice & I can't let go.
18. I can't take up Long distance jobs.
19. I must Change myself, Adapt.
20. I may not succeed in career giving much time to love.
21. If she doesn't like my job and I like it, I must change that too.
22. My family doesn't like the girl; I'm screwed up.
23. It makes us feel vulnerable.
24. Expectation hurts.
25. I just hate love.

Over all these things, I'd just love, it's beautiful. That is what love is all about. Love acts like Time-Machine, it heals everything when brewed perfectly.