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Read About the Delhi Incident Tiger Killing Man - Social Message

Man was killed by tiger in the Delhi Zoo and there is a buzz through video, messages about that incident. Here are the points made by tigers to reporter. Read this social media post

Reporter: Hi Tiger
Tiger: Hello
Reporter: Sorry to say but you have lost your image after what you did at Delhi Zoo.
You killed someone and that’s really bad.
Tiger: Yes I know but, I am not here to justify but I do feel sorry for the unfortunate man for what happened, but I want to also let you know a few facts.
Reporter: Facts? What Facts, Our channel has done the complete coverage and left no stone unturned.
Tiger: Exactly. The facts you humans know but don’t ever speak about it.
Reporter: (confused)
Tiger: Firstly tell me something where do I actually belong? Why I have been kept here for your entertainment? Why should I be kept captive?
Reporter: Well, People need to see you and spend their time at the zoo. Children come for educational tours. That’s why?
Tiger: You haven’t still answered my question. I belong to the wild and I am a wild animal put in cages and need to appear like a domestic cat for you humans. You come to the zoo, pelt stones at me, shout all sort of names, even throw rubbish inside my cage and yet you call yourself civilized?
Reporter: Listen, I am just having this interview on public demand and they are asking for an explanation that’s it.
Tiger: Yes why not you are the superior race and say feel and assume what you like and we Tigers who are put into cages can’t even express how we feel.
Reporter: Yes, we say and feel what we think is right and you have done wrong.
Tiger: Ok, Let me put it another way. See that snake enclosure there, go inside and pet the cobra, it will kiss your hand and...
Reporter: What?? Are you crazy?? You want me to get bitten or what? That’s a poisonous animal and I am not going in there.
Tiger: Then why you cannot relate with me the same way? Why can’t you think that I didn’t go out of my enclosure killing people , I didn’t invite anyone here , also don’t forget at first I was just curious to know who the stranger was in my cage and went to inspect.
Reporter: Go on..
Tiger: The man died because they angered me by pelting stones at me and shouted and that got me agitated. In my inquisitiveness I picked him up and took him away from the crowd.
Reporter: But we saw the bite marks on his neck.
Tiger: I picked him up from the neck as I do to pick up my own cubs in the forest. It was natural behavior. I didn't expect that my jaws will kill him because human necks are very delicate, unlike ours. If I was a killer or a man-eater I would have harmed so many already and eaten the unfortunate guy.
Reporter: Hmm, I understand what you mean. We didn't think about it in that way. All I was told to label you an Adamkhor, Man-eater etc. so our channel gets good trp. But now I understand what happened and how the incident took place.
Tiger: But this isn't just the story and this isn't all about us. Our brothers in the wild are protecting your forests; we are saving the green lungs of your country by having these Tiger reserves all around.
Reporter: Yes I also didn’t think about this too. People don’t know all these things.
Tiger: We have maintained clean rivers throughout the reserves to make sure you humans get clean drinking water for drinking and water for cultivation of your crops for agriculture. Absolutely unlike you who have not even spared any river and not even the holy river of Ganga.
We are not asking anything in return, we just need our space and protection and in simple words Leave Me Alone.
Reporter: I am amazed that you Tigers are doing all that and there’s hardly any awareness on why we should save the Tiger.

Tiger: Thank you. I hope I have explained enough. I request every human to understand just one thing. This planet is only not theirs and we all animals who were actually before you did , want peace and let us all keep the web of life intact together. We both need each other; this is our Planet and let’s not behave as if we have another one in store.