Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Whatsapp Magical Math Message to Troll Your Friends on Their Role Model

Read and share a magic trick sms to your Whatsapp and Facebook friends, just show them your superiority in a funny way.

I promise you .. You will laugh when you find your role model !
No cheating....
Even I didn't believe at first; but was pleasantly surprised in the end!Simple maths...then scroll down and check. No peeking and follow these steps:
1. Pick up your favorite number between 1 & 9.
2. Multiply it by 3.
3. Add 3 to that.
4. Again multiply by 3.
5. U will get a 2 or 3 digit number.
6. Add those digits together.
Now scroll down....To That number u got in the end. . . . .See, who is ur role model. . . . .!
1. Ronaldo
2. Beckham
3. Mahatma Gandhi
4. Narendra Modi
5. Sachin Tendulkar
6. Salman Khan
7. Amitabh Bachhan
8. Udhav Thackray
9. Put Your name Here
10. M.S Dhoni
Editing Is Strictly Prohibited..!!!!!!
Everytime the number will be 9, enjoy sharing with friends...