Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Dont Do Things For Just Others Are Doing It - Stages of Life

Some people are just curious about, "What others are doing?" and they just copy them and do same. This is the most pathetic approach to live your life, by repeating them you lose what unique and beautiful things you can do. Here are some of the stages of life how a person spends his whole life in copying other people, this thing stop them living their own life and leading through their own thoughts.

Check some of the funny stages of life, starting from 22 to 125::

At 22 years of age
I need a girlfriend because everybody has a girlfriend when they are 22. Heck, even 14 years olds have a girlfriend.

At 23 years of age
I want to get into a good B-School because everybody who is 23 is going to college.

At 25 years of age
I want a job because everybody has a job when they are 25.

At 28 years of age
I need to get married because everybody at 28 is getting married.

At 30 years of age
I need a baby because everybody has one when they are 30.

At 32 years of age
I need to build a new house because everybody is building one.

At 35 years of age
I need a big car because I have two children and everybody is buying one.

At 38 years of age
I need to get a new job that pays more because everybody is changing their jobs and getting more money at 38.

At 40 years of age
I need to start my own business because everybody is talking about startups and stuff.

At 50 years of age
I should send my children to college because everyone is doing that.

At 55 years of age
My children are supposed to be getting married. Because everyone who is 55 is looking for a partner for their children.

At 80 years of age
My grandchildren should get married, no?

At 85 years of age
I should go to the dentist and order fake teeth. Because everybody who is 85 is wearing brand new teeth.

At 90 years of age
My children should send me to the best home nursing care. Because I am 90.

At 100 years of age
I want to die because everyone else died :p

At 125 Still not dead.
Somebody please kill me because I am 125 and supposed to be dead.
It goes on and on.

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