Friday, November 28, 2014

Famous Simran Dialogue From DDLJ in Popular People Style

Imagine if these famous people like Kejriwal, Modi, Chetan Bhagat, Salman and Ravi Shastri would be in DDLJ. Read the famous Simran dialogues in their style.

#Social Media Funny Message::

# In Kejriwal's DDLJ, Simran runs fast, catches the train to be with Raj forever, then suddenly alights at the next station coz the Tomato soup is bad.
# In Modi's DDLJ, Raj extends his hand towards a running Simran, suddenly withdraws & does a Namaste, remains single & tours multiple countries
# In real life DDLJ, the Train is 4 hrs late, Raj is looking for the TT to get the RAC seat confirmed kuch le-de ke & Simran is buying paper soaps
# In Chetan Bhagat's DDLJ a hand comes out of a train window & gropes Kajol while she is running.
# In Salman Khan's DDLJ, 4 innocent men defecating by the railway tracks are run over by the train.
# In Ravi Shastri's DDLJ, Simran is running like a tracer bullet & the last thing Raj wants here is a run-out.