Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Latest Love Poem and Love Messages - Touchy Lines

Read a love poem, which will show how a lover with broken heart feels about her. Read nice feelings and lovable lines in the below poem::

#Emotional & Touchy Love Poem and Love Messages::

Every day I’m born with sunrise; I die with sunset,
I got tears of blood in my eye, and it's just an onset,
Every breath I took without you, I've smothered,
The misery you put me through;
Every moment my heart gets slaughtered.
Whether I live or die, I know u never bothered,
But every ignorance u made;
In cold blood, I'm murdered.
Every birth I've took I urged god just for you,
Every wishes I made, has come back to me all the way through,
Every era I lived; thousand renascences I made,
I've craved just for you.
Either I will live with u or I will die without you.
Every second I think of you, wounds get deeper,
Shadows stopped walking with me, when darker.
Verses turn into ash, dying is simpler;
Living has become costly; life has become cheaper.
Every thought of you haunts me with thousands words unsaid,
Leaving behind so many questions in my head,
I'll wait for u, till I end with miserable life u made,
You can give all your answers when I’m dead.