Wednesday, December 24, 2014

5 Love Proposal Funny Reactions - You Must Have Got One of Them

You must have seen or experienced the funny reactions which generally girls give to boys, when they got proposal. I am not talking about the friendzoned people who are generally ignored for all this things and that is really embarrassing than a "no" because it's a "friendzoned no".

Here are the 5 cases when a boy proposes his dream girl::

1. Oh My God

OMG, do I really deserve this???
Don't be happy, it's not a surprise OMG it's shocking OMG.

2. AWW!!!!!

How cute!!!
You are a kid, I just want you to find girl of your age or of your height.
The age difference between you and girl is not more than a year or two. The height difference is just due to heels but you can't see all these things afterall you are a broken heart :(...

3. Seriously!!!

After spending thousands of dollars on my makeup... I got this.. seriously

4. Sometimes you change your decisions by after knowing she is a psychopath..

And she continued to think.. Why didn't somebody propose me??

5. Weird reaction!! Even you couldn't figure it out for some days that it was a yes or no?? 

Then you finally realized, maybe she didn't hear you properly.

6. Sometimes you regret her yes, when she opens up like this..

Sometimes You can't believe that really!!! Is this the same girl I proposed??